Blogs I Dig


If you think personal finance is boring, you're definitely not reading the right stuff.

Here's my list of some of smartest and most interesting blogs out there. When I'm not endlessly tweeking my site, chances are you'll find me in one of these places, reading, commenting, and generally trying emulate their level of awesome.

1500 Days

Afford Anything

The Billfold

Broke Millennial


Budget and the Beach

Cait Flanders

Catherine Alford

Dear Debt


Financially Blonde

Financial Best Life

Fit is the New Poor


Frugal Rules


Give Me Back My Five Bucks

I Pick Up Pennies

Journey To Saving

Kali Hawlk

Making Sense of Cents

Modest Money

Money After Graduation

Mr. Money Moustache

NZ Muse

Retire By Forty


Rockstar Finance

Root of Good

Stefanie O'Connell