About Cashville Skyline

Hi, I'm Kate Dore, Candidate for CFP® Certification.

I spent my 20s producing concerts all over the United States and Canada.

Working with my favorite artists? Check.

Traveling for free? Check.

It was a dream job for several years.

But I always knew something was missing.

Late one night, I discovered personal finance blogging.

I don't remember the show, venue, or even the city.

But I knew this was it.

And by “this” I mean inspiring others to live their best financial lives.

Within a year, I quit my career to focus on marketing and build my business.

I'm currently money coaching, blogging, editing, freelance writing, and social media consulting full-time. Learn about my services here.

I earned my Certificate in Financial Planning from Belmont University in January, and I'm taking the CFP® exam — for a second time — in July 2018.

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