Save More Money with These 5 Apps

How often do you think about saving more money?

If you're anything like me, it's probably pretty frequently.

The problem is, small day-to-day expenses add up quickly.

But what if you could easily save an extra $100 per month?

An extra $100 per month could represent a lot of things:

  • $100 per month x 10 months = $1,000 emergency fund
  • $100 extra to pay off debt
  • $100 to invest in a side business
  • $100 less you need to earn from work you don't enjoy

The possibilities really are endless.

But the hardest part for many of us is actually sticking with a monthly budget.

Luckily, there are several apps that can do the heavy lifting for us.

These are a few of my favorite money saving apps.

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ClassPassScreen shot of ClassPass app

Tired of the same boring workouts every week?

ClassPass may be the app for you.

Instead of committing to one gym, ClassPass lets you experiment. Plus, you can easily add classes to your calendar in a single click.

So far, I've tried:

  • Restorative yoga
  • Small group strength training
  • Barre
  • Pilates

Things I like: 

  • Variety of classes in different neighborhoods
  • Easy to sign up for classes through ClassPass app
  • Cheaper than joining a gym

You can try your first 5 classes for only $10! 


Ibotta app screen shot

If you don't like coupons, you may prefer using a cash back app like Ibotta.

When I'm shopping at a major store, I'll spend 30 seconds to check the app for cash back opportunities.

A few examples:

  • $1.20 cash back for Tazo tea
  • $1.25 cash back for Organic Valley eggs
  • .75 cash back for Rabbits organic granola

Why not, right?

I just started using the app and my balance is already $15.25!

Things I like: 

  • Earn cash back from places like Kroger, Whole Foods, CVS, or H&M
  • Opportunities to earn cash back on any brand
  • Transfer cash to PayPal or Venmo once you hit $20

Claim your $10 bonus by signing up for Ibotta here.

Personal Capital

Screen shot of Personal Capital on iPhone

Personal Capital is my favorite app for tracking my net worth.

Although Personal Capital also includes budgeting tools, I love seeing my entire portfolio in one place! Their full suite of tools is free, but my favorite feature is their fee analyzer tool.

Most people have no idea how much they are paying in retirement account fees. These fees can include custodial fees, inactivity fees, 12b-1 fees, and more. Over time, these fees add up and can drastically reduce your total savings!

Things I like: 

  • See an overview of all your money in one place
  • Easily track cash flow on a monthly basis
  • Put your investments under a microscope

Sign up for a free Personal Capital account here.

YNAB (You Need a Budget)

YNAB screen shot

Are you tired of being disappointed by Mint?

Unfortunately, Mint is no longer the top budgeting app it once was. Intuit simply hasn't invested in the software and users have complained about sync issues for years.

YNAB offers a much better budgeting app for less than $5 per month.

YNAB is a budgeting app with four simple rules:

  1. Give every dollar a job – assign every dollar a home
  2. Embrace your true expenses – save for larger bills monthly
  3. Roll with the punches – be flexible and adjust your budget as necessary
  4. Age your money – live off last month's expenses

Things I like: 

  • Great for couples with uneven income
  • Amazing support, workshops, and educational resources
  • 34-day free trial with no credit card required

If I weren't so into my budgeting spreadsheet, I would be using YNAB.


Airbnb screen shots iPhone

As a former concert promoter, I traveled a lot.

I spent over five years producing concerts all over the country.

When I finally had time to travel on my own, I wasn't excited to stay in another hotel chain. Then, I learned about a better way to travel — Airbnb.

Over the past few years, I've stayed in some amazing (and affordable!) places:

  • Swanky condo in Wynwood, Miami for $129 per night
  • Beautiful historic home in Little Italy, Toronto for $140 per night
  • Entire hillside cottage in Sorrento, Italy for $70 per night

Generally, I'm much more comfortable in a home, apartment, or condo over a hotel. Plus, I can save on food costs by preparing some meals at home!

Sign up here for $40 in free Airbnb travel credit.

Readers: What are you favorite apps for saving money?

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Discussions — 9 Responses

  • Brian March 16, 2017 on 7:22 am

    Digit and Personal Capital are by far my two favorites. Digit makes it so easy to automate and save. I love the daily text check ins. Such a quick and easy way to get a quick snapshot of your money. Personal Capital is great for the bigger picture net worth tracking.

    • Kate Dore Brian March 24, 2017 on 4:20 pm

      Same here, Brian! I thought I would find the daily text message annoying, but it’s pretty handy. Especially when I’m too lazy to login and check the balance of my checking account 😉

  • FinancePatriot March 20, 2017 on 10:37 am

    My wife also likes Tazo tea. We don’t use apps like we should. However, recently as we have been travel hacking, I have tried to use the Chase website in order to buy things online at sites such as groupon, to get extra bonus chase points.

    I would also recommend clicking through on You do not need to set up a college savings account to get money from this site. Set up an account, and over $10 you simply request a check. upromise has some of the HIGHEST payouts I have seen online for cash back (admittedly, I don’t use ebates though). I talk a bit about some of these money saving tips on my blog.

    • Kate Dore FinancePatriot March 24, 2017 on 4:20 pm

      Great tips, FinancePatriot. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Alexis @FITnancials March 20, 2017 on 9:50 pm

    I love Ibotta! I’m not a fan of using coupons, so I like that it’s all digital and on the app. Plus, it allows me to stay organized, without having to keep a bunch of coupon books in my house.

    • Kate Dore Alexis @FITnancials March 24, 2017 on 4:21 pm

      Totally! I take 30 seconds to check Ibotta deals right before I walk into the grocery store. I love getting a few dollars back for things I was planning to purchase anyway.

  • Jennifer Flannagan April 13, 2017 on 4:09 am

    Great post – there are some apps I haven’t used yet.

  • Mike April 26, 2017 on 12:34 pm

    I also use Personal Capital…will definitely check out the other apps too, thanks for sharing…take care, Mike

  • FrugalView July 28, 2017 on 8:18 am

    I’ve head a lot of good stuff about YNAB so might give that a go. Thanks for the list. There are certainly some apps I will check out now as a result.


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