Roundup From the Road

I've been home for less than 72 hours and I already feel immensely more rested than I did this time last week.

I haven't spent a significant amount of time in Massachusetts during the summer since college, so it truly feels like vacation, even if all I'm doing is bumming around my hometown.

Yesterday, I enjoyed a New England summer thunderstorm from the comfort of my parents' living room. Every window in the house was still open and the cool air quickly moved through the entire first floor. I could hear every raindrop as it pelted the roof, the surrounding trees, the window boxes.

A few kids rode through the rain on bikes. A neighbor down the street didn't allow the storm to disrupt his afternoon plans to mow the lawn. I hung out on the couch, computer in lap, and wrote.

I've been overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude lately and having a supportive family is just one of the reasons why.

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Looking for some Sunday reading?

I've got you covered with some of my favorite posts from this week:

Jason from Dividend Mantra asked his readers Are You Just Treading Water? and pointed out that with the average American personal savings rate at 5%, it's nearly impossible to get ahead.

Kali from Common Sense Millennial gave us a swift kick to the pants with Millennials, Stop Putting Your Money in the Mattress. The good news is that millennials are dominating other age groups when it comes to saving money, but we have an irrational fear of investing.

Ryan from Impersonal Finance hit us with the painful reminder, do the math: cable. He proves that making seemingly small lifestyle choices can add up to significant amounts of wealth by retirement.

Holly from Club Thrifty penned the conversation provoking article, Why Women Earn Less Than Men – A Woman’s Perspective. Holly points to several experts who offer advice in advocating and insisting on a system that ensures equal pay for equal work.

Readers: What are your favorite things to enjoy while taking a few days off in your hometown?

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Discussions — 15 Responses

  • Income Surfer August 3, 2014 on 5:25 am

    Glad it’s going so well Addison. In my hometown, it has to be something on the water. Whether river or the Gulf, definitely spending time on the water. It’s hard not to reminisce when you return to your home town.

    • Addison Cash Income Surfer August 5, 2014 on 9:39 pm

      I grew up near the water and absolutely love it! I had some drinks at a bar on the river last night and it was amazing.

  • Roadmap2Retire August 3, 2014 on 7:58 am

    Glad you are having a relaxing vacation. Im loving your pictures on these updates. Enjoy the rest of your stay.


    • Addison Cash Roadmap2Retire August 5, 2014 on 9:40 pm

      Thanks, R2R. It’s been a relaxing trip. Looking forward to getting back to Nashville tomorrow.

  • Tonya@Budget and the Beach August 3, 2014 on 9:06 am

    Glad you enjoyed some time off. The thing I like most is not cooking. lol!! I rarely have the opportunity for anyone to cook for me, so I love it. I also like sitting on my dad and stepmom’s deck in the more balmy michigan summers watching fireflies. And I miss midwestern thunderstorms too.

    • Addison Cash Tonya@Budget and the Beach August 5, 2014 on 9:41 pm

      I like having my parents cook for me too! I’d bet Michigan is a lot like Massachusetts in the summer time. Something about it just feels kind of magical when the weather is nice.

  • Dividend Mantra August 3, 2014 on 10:49 am


    Glad you enjoyed some time with the family back home. I used to treasure those moments when I lived in Florida and would visit family back home in Michigan. Now that I live here once again it’s nice to be able to just pop in and say “hi.”

    Thanks for the kind mention. Much appreciated!

    Sounds like you’ve got an exciting month or two ahead of you as you find your next big opportunity. Wishing you luck.

    Best wishes!

    • Addison Cash Dividend Mantra August 5, 2014 on 9:42 pm

      Thanks, Jason! It must be nice to be close to family all the time. The encouragement is much appreciated.

  • Dividend Diplomats August 3, 2014 on 10:58 pm


    Some of my favorite things are – walking/working out. Taking in a local event, visiting family I normally don’t see and also focus on any house project – my crazy self bought a house a few years ago at the age of 23 and.. well, it’s been an adventure to say the least. It’s always nice having a few days off in the area, that’s for sure. Also, you typcaily end up saving more money than usual when you aren’t traveling… which we all love. Hope you had a nice weekend!

    -Lanny, one of the diplomats

    • Addison Cash Dividend Diplomats August 5, 2014 on 9:43 pm

      It was definitely a frugal start to the month! I’m looking forward to getting back to the gym when I get back to Nashville, though.

  • Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life August 5, 2014 on 6:54 am

    I love New England. Just spent last week in New Hampshire- so beautiful!

    • Addison Cash Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life August 5, 2014 on 9:44 pm

      I love New Hampshire! It’s a very beautiful and under appreciated place.

  • Michelle August 5, 2014 on 6:57 pm

    Glad to hear that you are having a nice vacation with your family!

    • Addison Cash Michelle August 5, 2014 on 9:44 pm

      Thanks, Michelle. Hope the week is treating you well so far!

  • Ryan @ Impersonal Finance August 6, 2014 on 1:20 pm

    Thanks for the shout out Addison! I hope you’re having a great week in MA, and once you’re back in TN give me a shout and we can hang out (inexpensively, of course).